The Four Jewels of Hawaii

One travel destination that Patrick Imbardelli never fails to recommend for travelers are the islands of Hawaii. As he would describe this chain of islands, there are four distinct jewels worth the experiencing and enjoying. These would be, in no particular order, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii. Each island offers different pleasure and adventures for any tourist to take in during their holiday.

Even though Oahu is not the largest island, it certainly is the busiest and most populated. Honolulu hosts the only international airport on the Hawaiian Islands, and also serves as the capital for this state. Honolulu is located on the more populated and active south side of the island. While there are plenty of sights to soak up on the south side, including Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, and ʻIolani Palace, some visitors opt for the north shore, which offers a quieter lifestyle and pace, along with great beaches for surfing.

For the more intrepid adventurer, Maui attracts the traveler that loves to get physical through hiking, snorkeling, and windsurfing, along with offering bikers the challenge of pedaling to the top of the island’s highest peak, Mt. Haleakala. This less trafficked island can be a wonderful break from the faster tempo you will find in Oahu.

The island that lures nature lovers and offers possibly the slowest pace of all will be found on Kauai. It is also referred to as “the Garden Isle” due to the fact that the majority of its land mass is covered by tropical rainforests. If you are ready to steep yourself in lush surroundings, with dramatic cliffs such as can be found along Na Pali Coast and memorable hiking spots such as Waimea Canyon, Kauai is the island for you.

Finally, the Big Island, as Hawaii is also called, is the best place to see and learn about the volcanos responsible for originally building this island chain, including Mauna Loa which is reputed to be largest volcano that exists on Earth. Hawaii is also the largest island of the chain of seven islands and offers two distinct regions: Hilo on the east side and Kailua-Kona on the west.

It is no wonder that Patrick Imbardelli has always had a fascination and fondness for the Hawaiian Islands. As a recognized and respected executive working in the hospitality industry for more than three decades, you can depend upon his travel recommendations and suggestions.