South Korea and Seoul

As an internationally acknowledged and respected hospitality expert, Patrick Imbardelli has been to many of the capitals of the nations around the world. If you ask Patrick Imbardelli to list his most favorite countries that he has visited, you will certainly find South Korea at or near the top of his list. During his many visits of his thirty-year career, he has gained a particular appreciation and love for the country and people of South Korea, including a special interest in its capital, Seoul.

The country of South Korea is situated on the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula. Due to the presence of North Korea, who occupies the northern half of this peninsula, its common border is one of the most militarized zones in the world. However, it takes very little to escape that tense border region and begin to discover the many facets of South Korea, which includes quaint coastal fishing villages, countryside areas decorated with cherry trees and ancient Buddhist temples, tropical islands that offer holiday excursions and lush settings.

And then there is the capital of South Korea, Seoul. This high-tech and always active and vibrant city of more than 10 million residents offers something for everyone. In addition to some of the most ancient and revered sites, such as Jogyesa Temple or Gyeongbokgung Palace, you will also find yourself running to keep up with the busy pace of business and the modern social life.

The Korean cuisine is also unique and delicious. While many Westerners will initially balk at kimchi, which is basically a fermented vegetable dish with an array of different flavoring to add variety, it does not take very long to develop a true love and appreciation for this national favorite. Other popular dishes include bulgolgi, a marinated beef meal and bibimpap, a mixed rice treat that is considered a signature Korean concoction.

All things considered, it is easy to see why Patrick Imbardelli recommends South Korea without any hesitation and with much enthusiasm. This is one recommended destination that easily demands more than one visit in order to capture all of the beauty and enchantment that South Korea and Seoul has to offer.