Travel the World with Patrick Imbardelli

As a leading executive in the hospitality business for more than 30 years, Patrick Imbardelli has been fortunate enough to travel all over the world as part of his business responsibilities. However, since he loves traveling and discovering new cultures and exotic or unfamiliar location, Patrick Imbardelli has always appreciated and taken full advantage of every opportunity to travel for business or pleasure.

Patrick Imbardelli would like to share about some of the famous and as well as the not so well-known destinations that are not only worth the visit but will remain memorable for years to follow. This website has been dedicated to those who also love to travel and are seeking new locations and hot spots to spend their next holiday or vacation. As you browse through the blog posts that will be regularly published here, you will learn about the history of various cities and nations, as well as unusual customs and cuisines that make each locale unique and inviting for the adventurous wanderer.

Immerse yourself in the world of travel and new cultures and traditions with Patrick Imbardelli as he recounts various sites that have left deep and lasting impressions in his mind. With our current global communications and travel capabilities allowing any sightseer the opportunity to travel to most corners of the world, being able to tap into the experienced mind of a voyager who has walked down the streets of ancient cities and has partaken of remarkable local dishes that can only be truly appreciated when tasted in its original surroundings and prepared by chefs and cooks who grew up eating such traditional meals and recipes.

Here is your opportunity to experience the delights of a world traveler right in your own home. Join Patrick Imbardelli as he provides insights and shares the marvels of the world around us.